Greeting Cards and Calendars

We offer a range of Greeting Cards for Christmas, Special occasions and marketing. We also offer a range of Calendars that can complement cards and other marketing materials.

We have worked with a selection of Artists providing innovative designs for cards and calendars. Ideal for bespoke marketing material for business, organisations and charities.

For a brochure and price list contact:

Our catalogues cover a range of Greeting Cards and Bespoke art work for marketing. We include innovative designs, such as our 'Magic Eye' type range of stereo images, or our active+ range of cards. We can provide quality provision for your greeting cards and marketing needs. Part of the provision is the Supporting Budding Artists project:-


The "Supporting Budding Artists" Project

We are very pleased to be supporting local and budding Artists to help develop their art in the Greeting Cards and Calendar market. We specialise in supporting Charities and Businesses to have their own set of bespoke greeting cards or calendars, and these offer great opportunity for budding Artists to both develop their art as well as commercial outlets within the publishing world of Cards, Calendars and Books.

We are always looking out for further Artists to join our team and develop their art for the cards and calendars domain.

If you are a artist and would like your work to be considered for our catalogue then please visit our Catalogue submission page for budding artists.

For budding Artists we offer the opportunity of joining us on one of our workshops on developing their art and commercialising their creative talents.

"This workshop aims to support budding artists looking to apply their creative talents to the printing industry and develop their art. Mobi Publishing uses a range of artistic materials, including book covers and pictures, Greeting Cards, Calendars, and marketing material and, explainer videos, with customers from the Business, Academia and Charity sectors. Mobi also provides workshops on crowdfunding. We are providing this workshop to support budding artists in developing their art profile and provide some background to opportunities in the wider printing industry.

The workshop will include:

  • Co-creation of material (pictures from words; words from pictures)
  • Greeting Cards market
  • Calendar market
  • Book market
  • Business, retail and Social media outlets
  • Developing a profile
  • Crowdfunding
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business models and opportunities

The workshop will include practical applications of co-creation, insights from crowdfunding projects and guidance on developing a presence in the cards (printed and electronic) and related genre and, of making a living from using your artistic talents. The practical application activities will contribute to some sample content possibilities for a charity project (Badger Watch) and for s festive market."


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