Researchers : Creating your own surveyPRISM survey


surveyPRISM, used by the University of Portsmouth team on the CommonSensing project, is a powerful tool to capture peoples' perception of and readiness for risks.  It has been applied in communities in Small Island Development States (SIDS) as part of the CommonSensing project.

The University of Portsmouth team on the CommonSensing project would like to offer access to surveyPRISM survey tool to other researchers into Disaster Risk Management. This page will cover information on the capabilities of surveyPRISM for researchers and some guides on how to set up and use the tool.

A 'how to' explainer video is currently being produced which will provide instruction on using the admin functions of the tool as some guidance and developing questions. So watch this space.

In the meantime if you are  a researcher and would like access to the surveyPRISM tool to use on your own survey then please contact Dr Carmen Solana from the University of Portsmouth team at


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