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Submission to Mobi’s Greeting Cards Catalogue

Mobi Publishing has been expanding further into the Greeting Cards market and we are currently adding to our catalogue part of which is through our supporting budding artists project.


The "Supporting Budding Artists" Project

We are very pleased to be supporting local and budding Artists to help develop their art in the Greeting Cards and Calendar market, and of course generate a revenue stream for their work based on sales. We specialise in supporting Charities and Businesses to have their own set of bespoke greeting cards or calendars, and these offer great opportunity for budding Artists to both develop their art as well as commercial outlets within the publishing world of Cards, Calendars and Books.

We are always looking out for further Artists to join our team and develop their art for the cards and calendars domain on a bespoke basis.

In addition, we run workshops for budding Artists on how they can on developing their art and commercialising their creative talents. If you would like to be considered for the next workshop, likely to be September 2021, then please contact

By submitting your art work for inclusion into our Greeting Cards catalogue, if selected, you will be giving Mobi Publishing non-exclusive rights to use the art work as part of the range of art in our catalogue. This means that the artists keep the copyright over their artwork which they can then sell and use as they wish.

The artists will be paid for sales of their work, the author royalties, much like author royalties in a book.   The current greeting cards artist author royalties rate is 8% to 20% depending on sales volume.  For bespoke artwork the royalties can be higher.


We also offer workshops for budding artists.  The workshops aim to support budding artists looking to apply their creative talents to the printing industry and develop their art. Mobi Publishing, as do other publishers, uses a range of artistic materials, including book covers and pictures. Mobi also uses art material in Greeting Cards, Calendars, and marketing material and, explainer videos, with customers from the Business, Academia and Charity sectors. Mobi also provides workshops on crowdfunding. The workshops provide insights on the opportunities in the wider printing industry.


We have set up a submission system on EasyChair for artist to submit their work to be considered in the catalogue.  To submit your work you will have to set up an account on EasyChair, if you haven’t already got one. Mainly your contact details so we can get back to you. You can then submit your works of art and pictures to be considered for the catalogue.

When submitting the pictures you will be asked for a title of your collection(s) and an 'abstract', which will be an opportunity for you to put in a few words about your collection(s), what genre they are, and why they are interesting. You can submit your work together in a pdf or word document.


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