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At the Forefront of Parametric Insurance thinking capturing peoples propensity towards parametric insurance

Parametric insurance: One of the main innovations from the insurance industry over the last decade to address large scale disasters is ‘Parametric insurance’ which provides a win-win for both the insurance companies and for those insured, typically small developing states with limited contingency reserve capacity of their own. Parametric insurance, or parametric risk transfer, does not indemnify the full loss for the protection buyer but provides a predefined amount of protection that will be paid out on the basis of predefined event occurrence terms. Parametric cover operates mostly at a large scale, for instance at whole Small Island Development States (SIDS), or national level, usually based on exceptional weather conditions, say a force 5 hurricane. However, to reach the full potential and bring parametric insurance to wider groups of entities and businesses requires more granulation in triggering capabilities aimed at smaller scale provision. This supports the most significant reports on Parametric Insurance (InsTech 2020; Airmic 2020) calls for innovation in application of Parametric insurance cover and triggering.

However, parametric insurance cover is not for everyone or for every type of risk cover. The insurance industry and people looking for insurance need to be aware of the concepts of parametric insurance and its suitability for their circumstances.  Mobi Publishing is at the forefront of developing tools to capture peoples' propensity towards parametric insurance cover for their insurance needs, informing decision making for insurers and those looking for insurance.

Mobi Publishing also is active in using Earth Observation and Drone data to develop robust triggers, with our University and international partners, to support parametric insurance models.

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