SAVI Survey Instruments

SAVI - Self Actualising Visual Analogue scale Instruments - are at the forefront of surveying sciences using powerful psychometric metrics and easy to use interfaces.

It addresses the biases and weaknesses in Likert type survey instruments, has been shown to be more responses and discriminating than Likert instruments and has sophisticated data analytics to inform decision making and results.

Example instruments include:

  • SAVI Insurance (measuring people's propensity towards parametric insurance)
  • Security SAVI (capturing people's awareness of and preparedness for (digital) security risks)

In addition to developing SAVI, Mobi Publishing has developed other innovations in survey sciences including extending VAS - Visual Analogue Scales - interfaces with the FF-VAS the Free Form VAS which addresses the 'non stochastic' item relationship assumption bias in existing VASs.

To receive further information about SAVI, SAVI Insurance, Security SAVI, FF-VAS or to discuss using our innovative survey instruments in your project and research please contact





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